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About Only One
OnlyOne is a collection of unique art and design pieces, including sculptures, paintings, and furnishing inspired by nature.
We craft every piece by hand using raw elements belonging to the natural world. Reinventing and reshaping livable art through rare techniques, giving them a new life.
Each piece is worked using epoxy resin, a material that distinguishes our work for the past twelve years. This signature medium plays a critical role in the creative process of the OnlyOne collection, raising the boundaries of creativity. Attributed to its malleability, we can incorporate multiple types of materials—different in nature—giving life to new forms of art. Nature is one entity we adore more.
Touch is vital to the experience of my creations, and allowed a stronger sensation that our humanity cannot deny. Each project is immersive and special. Some of the artworks are rough in nature and some smooth. We invite clients to touch and feel every work with their own hands, to connect with the pieces three-dimensionally. 
The meaning of these artworks is to experience them in everyday life, just as you are today. Each design is to be enjoyed as special decorative pieces while valuing their functionality.
About Alex
Since moving to California years ago, I deeply discovered how powerfully giving nature is. Immense forests, boundless deserts, mountains, and untouched oceans most inform my creativity. 
I started experiencing and connecting with our primordial world, collecting burnt woods, fossil logs, salt blocks, materials with which I began to experiment with new forms of art. The diversity and vastity of nature in California were the main influences of OnlyOne. Since then, my creativity has been fluid and unstoppable. 
Nowadays, uniqueness rewards. Over time, I realized that customers love to own one-of-a-kind pieces. Curating every detail in each unique livable art is equally challenging and refreshingly stimulating. 
Giving life to a work of art – one and one only – is inestimable and done with love.
Each piece embraces a whole universe, time past coupled with time to come. That is why this collection is so specially distinctive to me and is one of the reasons I conceived OnlyOne. None of the pieces will have a number two. All artwork in this collection will be one in itself.
I think the path I have in front of me with this project is never ceasing. There will be much more to create and to experiment with in this process, and I hope you enjoy the opportunity to witness it.
There are no limits to creativity, and this is the beauty of OnlyOne.

Alex Turco